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DAY 11

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Although we managed to escape the biggest typhoon by moving from Busan to Seoul, it was still pouring heavily. On such days, you think about what fun things to do indoors. Fortunately, the city offers countless options: museums, galleries, aquariums, cinemas, game rooms, shopping malls with endless options, and so on. We ultimately chose the Trick Eye Museum.

Optical illusion museums are booming as people love to share photos on social media. Nowadays, you can find them practically in every major city. However, the basic principles and themes of installations are mostly the same everywhere (levitation, opening doors, trapped in a glass, giant/dwarf, upside down, etc.).

DOPSTA KRÁTKÉ POPISKY K FOTKÁM NÍŽE? (klidně i změnit pořadí)

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Taking heaps of photos in a few hours is physically and mentally demanding. You can cool down your overheated brain circuits in the small Ice Museum at the end. A temperature of -2°C is quite sufficient for that, just don’t stay there too long. And above all, don’t lick anything!



  • During travel, not everything goes according to plan, so the Trick Eye Museum is the only tourist attraction worth mentioning from day 11. Otherwise, we spent most of the day at the hotel, reading, I was actively playing Hearthstone (Saviors of Uldum) at the time, and then we watched something.
  • In the container, I’m holding either “Storm Season” by Sapkowski or “All Systems Red” by Martha Wells; I wouldn’t necessarily recommend either one (the Witcher saga is great, but “Storm Season” isn’t part of it), but both books are suitable for lighter reading without the need to be fully focused.



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