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(Reading time: 3 minutes) The Land of the Rising Sun is not just a beautiful metaphor for a land far to the east, where the sun rises, but the literal

CoCo Curry as a last resort

DAY 1 (Reading time: 6 minutes) Japan was our first joint trip to Asia. The Land of the Rising Sun, who wouldn’t want to explore it? Strolling through Tokyo, the

Cooky returns

DAY 2 (Reading time: 8 minutes) Good morning, Ikebukuro! It’s time to get up early, have a quick breakfast, and head out at lightning speed because there’s a ton of

The guardians of children

DAY 3 (Reading time: 7 minutes) When it comes to Japan, many people immediately think of “shinkansen” – high-speed trains. Japan was the first country in the world to build

The capsule hotel in Hiroshima

DAY 4 (Reading time: 4 minutes) 800 kilometers from Tokyo to Hiroshima in under 4 hours? Even with all the stops? The shinkansen made it possible. When traveling by train,

The paper-eating deer

DAY 5 (Reading time: 4 minutes) The first night spent in the capsule hotel went well. No nightmares, so no reason for a sudden jerk accompanied by a scream from

The mystery of Waratenjin Mae

DAY 6 (Reading time: 4 minutes) From Hiroshima to Kyoto, we were whisked away by the elegant Sakura. Kyoto is the former capital of Japan, purportedly one of the most

Oh deer, again!

DAY 7 (Reading time: 6 minutes) Breakfast from the landlady wasn’t bad at all – sushi, onigiri, various rice rolls, yogurts, fruits… yes, there was even toast bread… no, we

The path of a thousand gates

DAY 8 (Reading time: 4 minutes) The morning was somewhat chilly and rainy. We usually don’t mind a little rain, but this time we felt a bit more inclined to


DAY 9 (Reading time: 4 minutes) There’s nothing like spending five nights in Kyoto, but, truth be told, no day is truly a day off. Today was no exception. Once