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DAY 10 (Reading time: 4 minutes) One of the most beloved destinations for a day trip near Kyoto is the area of Arashiyama. The hilly landscape harbors bamboo groves and

Starbucks above Shibuya

DAY 11 (Reading time: 3 minutes) The transfer from Kyoto to Tokyo was also our last ride on the Shinkansen. On the way, we observed Mt. Fuji from the window,

Loud tourist trap

DAY 12 (Reading time: 6 minutes) Okinawa was hit by the super typhoon Trami, and it didn’t look good at all. As a temporary consequence further north, including Tokyo, there

Flying home, or is it?

DAY 13 (Reading time: 7 minutes) Last day in Tokyo, and Japan in general. It’s raining, pouring down. The eye of the typhoon is still getting closer. And it will


(Reading time: 2 minutes) The delegation consisting of a woman and a man visited New York before Japan. Many naive ideas at that time went by the wayside, and just