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(Reading time: 3 minutes) From the perspective of K-dramas, the 1st century AD is considered an attractive beginning to Korean history. The peninsula and Manchuria were ruled by three kingdoms:

Larvae vs. BTS

DAY 1 (Reading time: 6 minutes) South Korea was our second expedition to Asia after Japan. The choice was overwhelmingly influenced by my long-standing passion for all things Korean: history,

Oppa Gangnam Style

DAY 2 (Reading time: 4 minutes) Good morning Seoul! We have sunny weather with a temperature around 22°C, heading into the city. In the photo, we can see Namsan Tower

Duo Sejong & Yi Sun-shin

DAY 3 (Reading time: 5 minutes) We are having another warm day here; Koreans are wearing sweaters, I’m in a tank top and Marek is dressed up like a proper

The city of kings

DAY 4 (Reading time: 4 minutes) After breakfast we moved to the train station to leave Seoul and head to Gyeongju, a city in the south-east of South Korea. Before

Cold turtle mountain

DAY 5 (Reading time: 6 minutes) It hasn’t been long since I started learning Korean. It’s a difficult language, and I don’t need it for my profession. It’s really just

The Korean bear

DAY 6 (Reading time: 6 minutes) Today, heavy rain showers were forecasted. Ignoring the forecast and visiting Bulguksa Temple turned out to be the right decision because, of course, not

Train to Busan

DAY 7 (Reading time: 3 minutes) The train ride from Gyeongju to Busan was fast and safe. No zombies at all… … …Alright, I’ll have to explain this comment. Are

Little colorful houses

DAY 8 (Reading time: 3 minutes) Machu Picchu of South Korea. Santorini of South Korea. Cinque Terre of South Korea. These are the names people use to describe the picturesque

Haeundae beach

DAY 9 (Reading time: 4 minutes) Koreans claim that Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is: So we went to check it out to verify such bold claims. With all due respect, it