FWF – Japan

If someone were to answer the question “What does the flag of Japan look like?” with “a red circle in a white rectangle,” not all Japanese people would necessarily agree,

K-pop – unique soft power of South Korea

K-pop, short for Korean pop music, is a blend of various genres of popular music originating from South Korea. It’s a catchy tagline. Completely inadequate. K-pop is a whole subculture

Sockets and their types

The availability of electricity today is considered as natural as the fact that when you turn a faucet, water flows. Yet electrification worldwide only began in the second half of

Japan Rail Pass

Traveling in Japan is fast, safe, efficient, and overall very pleasant. Is it also expensive? Sooner or later, you will find out that it is more on the expensive side.


(Reading time: 2 minutes) In 1544, Portuguese sailors arrived at the shores of an island and named it Formosa – “beautiful island.” During the 17th century, the southwestern part was

Visiting the former ruler of China

DAY 1 (Reading time: 7 minutes) Our journey to Taiwan was partly accidental. One chilly February evening, we were searching for affordable flights to another Asian country and found out