Sleeping in my car


DAY 10

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We left Sun Moon Lake to its fate and continued south to Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan. Compared to the deepest blue we were accustomed to seeing in the sky every day, it felt smoggy and industrial here.

Arrival at the hotel, or rather the room, lifted our spirits. THIS sleeping in that car for those few nights? I will definitely survive it. 😀

We knew we’d have a designer room, but the result exceeded all expectations. The room was spacious, comfortable, stylish, and they even built a Playstation controller into the car bed. The hotel also offered afternoon refreshments for guests from designer rooms, so there was plenty to do even if a typhoon came.

Naturally, we took advantage of the afternoon snack option, but then we headed out.

Pier 2 is a cultural center in Kaohsiung built around abandoned port warehouses. Artists and street performers regularly entertain here, flea markets and street food festivals are held. You can buy practically anything here from matches to airplanes, and with a bit of luck, you might find a limited pop-up store, and its merchandise will empty your wallet.

And so we stumbled upon a store themed around our favorite Japanese manga artist Junji Ito.

Entry to the store cost 30TWD, which seemed somewhat unusual to us (it served as a discount for purchases of the same amount), but then we were there for a long time…a looong time…and we bought a lot…it was one temptation after another. Damn it, YOLO, we probably won’t see anything like it ever again.

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At night, the entire waterfront was beautifully lit, the air smelled of food, and budding artists on stage dreamt about being famous.

Desire to try something new didn’t leave us even after visiting Pier 2. So we went later to Liouhe Night Market, where awaited us…

It’s a cutlet…just a cutlet, right?

The best cutlet ever!

With pepper and chili.

Huge, fried, greasy, excellent!

One of the winners of the best Taiwanese yummies.



  • Afternoon refreshments at the hotel = two macarons, one pastry of your choice (depending on availability), and unlimited consumption of beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate…) and various packets of salty crackers (we only experienced a similar service once during our entire travels in Paris).
  • Next time you make schnitzels at home, sprinkle them with a bunch of pepper and chili just before consumption, it works wonders. 🙂



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