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In 1544, Portuguese sailors arrived at the shores of an island and named it Formosa – “beautiful island.” During the 17th century, the southwestern part was occupied by the Dutch and the north by the Spaniards. Japanese arrived in 1895, and if it weren’t for their membership in the Axis during World War II, thus on the defeated side, they would have ruled there longer than until 1945. After Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain and Japan, the scene is taken over by the Kuomintang led by Chiang Kai-shek; he sought refuge on the island from Mao’s communists. This is how present-day Taiwan (also known as the Republic of China on Taiwan) emerged. Chiang Kai-shek ruled it while mainland China (including Mongolia) and Taiwan were both members of the UN. The People’s Republic of China (mainland China) plays second fiddle, but still claims to be the real ruler of Taiwan. Communists on the mainland, democrats on the island and the USA as a figurative pendulum.

However, in the 1960s they tilted it in favor of communist China, following the motto “the enemy of our enemy is our friend,” cautiously forming an anti-Soviet alliance. During the Korean War, Taiwan was more important for the USA, providing it with international guarantees of statehood, including significant economic aid. However, cooperation with communist China made more sense against the Soviets, and in return, China was given Taiwan’s seat in the UN council. From the perspective of an observer in 2024, the USA acts as an arbitrator in the Taiwan vs. China dispute based on its own needs. Taiwan’s temporary diplomatic defeat did not prevent its gradual transformation into an Asian economic tiger as it rose among the 20 most significant economic powers in the world despite unfavorable historical circumstances (the UN list comprises 193 countries and the Vatican).

On November 2, 2023, at 07:00, a delegation of two people, a man and a woman, landed at Taipei Airport. Inspired by historical developments and motivated by Taiwanese wealth, they decided, in line with the motto “when two fight, the third one laughs,” to drive a wedge between the USA and communist China. Taiwan, dispersed by the battle of titans, did not expect an attack from a paper dwarf and, before it could mobilize its defense, it was conquered. This country is ours.



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