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Historians generally agree that the period from November 2nd to 18th, 2023, belongs to the best in Taiwan’s history; some even refer to it as the so-called “Golden Period.” Meteorologists share the same opinion. They find it incomprehensible why perfect weather prevailed in Taiwan during this period. Temperatures of 25 – 30 °C, pleasant sea breeze, low precipitation, mostly during night hours. Minimal cloud cover during the day, high clarity and ideal atmospheric pressure. As November 18th approached, there was a slight cooling to around 20 °C, and even longer showers during the day. It was as if someone was signaling that the end of something beautiful was approaching, shedding tears. A few minutes after midnight on November 19th, 2023, a two-person delegation, a woman and a man, entered the airspace of Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, and left it.

In the past decades, Taiwanese people worked hard, and in those three weeks, they were convinced they had results. Their country is suitable even for tourists from countries far to the west, where Chinese characters are considered scattered tea leaves. A foreign language, foreign script, or foreign customs are not obstacles if both sides are willing to cooperate and respect each other. A kind smile, a slight bow, empathy, patience, and a mobile phone with a voice translator at hand. Locals are ready for more tourists and are happy to welcome them to their country. People have the right to know that Taiwan is an island, Thailand is elsewhere, Taipei is a city, and not only Chinese speak Chinese.

Today, the Golden Period is considered something unattainable. Grandparents answer their curious descendants’ questions with “yes, we were there,” and the youngsters just shake their heads incredulously. What was it like? During those 17 days, significant diplomatic ties were established, many mutually beneficial trades took place and several legends were created about the memorable trip to Toushe. However, time is relentless, and sooner rather than later even the most beautiful moments will be relegated to the abyss of history. Memories are allowed, but if you want to relive them or at least get close to them again, you have to work. Again and again. That is the task of today’s generation as well as the one yet to be born. Dream about the future, create it today and learn from the past. Or die trying.



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