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Sleeping in my car

DAY 10 (Reading time: 2 minutes) We left Sun Moon Lake to its fate and continued south to Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan. Compared to the deepest blue

Lil’ mankeys

DAY 11 (Reading time: 4 minutes) Macaques, monkeys from the family of Old World monkeys, are a popular attraction wherever they have the opportunity for free movement, theft… and people

Fo Guang Shan

DAY 12 (Reading time: 6 minutes) We were really looking forward to Fo Guang Shan. A magnificent place with a huge seated Buddha statue and guaranteed authentic relics? We had

Tiger & Dragon

DAY 13 (Reading time: 4 minutes) A beautiful morning started right at our Formosa Boulevard metro station, where you can see the so-called Dome of Light. It’s an impressive underground

The grand crossing

DAY 14 (Reading time: 3 minutes) It was time to return to Taipei, but we approached it optimistically as it meant another ride on HSR high-speed train, this time across

Clouds over Beitou

DAY 15 (Reading time: 4 minutes) The Starks were right; winter is coming. From the daily 30°C, we were shocked to experience a drastic decrease to chilling 23°C! Taiwanese people

15km in just two hours

DAY 16 (Reading time: 6 minutes) We’ll remember Taiwanese buses for a long time. They’re the type of memories that eventually become funny stories, but when you’re experiencing them firsthand,

Farewell on the rooftop with barrels

DAY 17 (Reading time: 3 minutes) There’s no need to cry over the impending departure; instead, let’s come up with the most enjoyable way to spend our last hours. We’ve


(Reading time: 2 minutes) Historians generally agree that the period from November 2nd to 18th, 2023, belongs to the best in Taiwan’s history; some even refer to it as the