Places & Tastes

When reading our texts, you will come across many exotic names, whether they concern cities, landmarks, or foods… However, we are not Google or Wikipedia, and we don’t aim to replace them, so we don’t always delve deeply. The basic idea of the “Mendy in Asia” project is to present the vacations of two mortal beings as they really happened. Some will appreciate stories from distant lands they may never visit, while others will begin planning their own journey.

Part of the preparation involves broader research on the internet. Nowadays, there is a lot of information everywhere, but if you feel overwhelmed by it, or on the contrary, don’t know where to start, our tables can help (see links below).

They are simple, but there is strength in simplicity. We have sorted interesting places we visited into areas around key cities and linked them to articles where we write about them. The “tastes” column is then focused on selected food specific to the respective area. Not exclusively, but some things are simply more locally widespread than others.

So far, we write about Japan, Nepal, South Korea and Taiwan, but we already have other Asian countries planned, and within the weekly posts, we are elaborating more on topics in travel journals briefly introduced. Shorter texts on social media, longer ones here on the website. Choose what suits you.